Thursday, December 02, 2010

Should Lawyers Use Standard Internet Marketing?

Do you as a lawyer, need someone with a legal background taking care of  your firm's internet marketing needs?  Absolutely!

As a lawyer, you know your firm needs a company who understands the sensitivity a law firm's marketing requires. You must adhere to strict guidelines which fall outside the norm of standard online marketing. Another plus a legal internet marketing company would offer is having an arsenal of mature law websites to make part of your network.

The following are 2 excerpts from our "10 Reasons Why You Need in Charge of Your LawFirm's Marketing":

> My experience before Internet Marketing was as a secretary in Law Firms. First as a word processor (how's that term for a blast from the past!) then as a Legal Assistant. I know the inner workings of law firms -- what makes them tick, their strengths, weaknesses and their needs. We also understand the need for sensitivity when it comes to any kind of marketing for lawyers -- whether it be online or traditional.

> We are owners of New Jersey Lawsite - an online Directory of New Jersey Lawyers which was created in November of 1996. That December we found ourselves in the #1 position at Yahoo (the Google of its day) and to this day remain in the Top 5 of all search engines including Google for 'new jersey lawyers' and similar keywords.
These are just 2 reasons why a company like should be in charge of your LawFirm's internet marketing strategy. Click here for the remaining 8 reasons -- we hope to be hearing from you soon to discuss a custom online marketing strategy that is right for your firm.