Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Jersey Business Lawyer

If you are a growing NJ business that does not have an internal legal department, but has a constant demand for legal assistance and guidance, visit the firm of Scott Magliochetti -- they have 20+ years experience!

Scott Magliochetti LLC can provide you with the same sound legal advice that you would get from your own in-house counsel, without the associated fixed payroll costs and overhead expenses.

They deliver practical business oriented solutions and strategic advice needed to address the commercial, corporate and transactional issues your business confronts on a daily basis. As a chief counsel, Scott Magliochetti knows the real world legal needs of business people – decisive and concise advice delivered in a quick and efficient manner. Rather than being a “deal killer”, he furthers his client’s success by helping them balance risk with opportunities. The general counsel services are delivered at substantially lower costs than traditional law firms by avoiding big law firm overhead and eliminating redundancy billing often associated with large firms.

Monday, December 19, 2011

NJ bankruptcy lawyer, Virginia E. Fortunato

Virginia E. Fortunato has been practicing NJ bankruptcy for for more than six years now. This area of the law requires creativity in designing individual plans for her clients to achieve the FRESH financial start they deserve. Ginny says that most of her clients are good and honest debtors who typically find themselves in her office because of things beyond their control. "Clients often tell me, This is the last place I ever thought I’d be, and I am proud to help them achieve a fresh start."

Ginny's first call to order is to advise clients to not fall into the trap of trying to pay their debt off through credit consolidation companies only to find it doesn’t work. You end up paying these companies exorbitant fees only to have to file bankruptcy at the end of the day — after spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Secondly, never be ashamed of your bankruptcy. Look at your financial circumstances like a business would. Filing bankruptcy is a business decision at the personal level. You need to wipe-out debt so that you can begin rebuilding your future with a Fresh Start.

Check out Ginny's website and nj bankruptcy blogs for more details on how you can make a fresh start in New Jersey.