Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Are you ready for Google Caffeine?

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You may have heard the term already, but what is really behind Google Caffeine? Is it yet another one of Google's infamous updates? Note quite. It can more accurately be described as a major overhaul of Google's index and algorithm, the complex formula and calculations Google uses to rank all web pages. 

Ugh -- here we go again you might be thinking. Well, let's slow down and analyze this a bit before coming to any conclusions. Google has not been totally secretive about letting us in on some of the details, one of which is site speed or how fast your site load. They will also be less tolerant of broken links and -- in true Google form --  will continue giving high marks for quality of content. Tip -- check if your site has any broken links here.

It should not come as a surprise that overall page quality will play a greater role in how well your page ranks. Google has been firmly seated as King of the Search Engines for a number of years now and has a reputation to keep up. If sites on their results page don't have a high standard of quality, it reflects badly on them, and after all their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is the key to all their online revenue. So it only makes sense that they do everything in their power to keep that product fast, relevant, current and above all, something of high quality.

As an SEO internet marketer who has been in the business since 1996, how do I feel about yet another upheaval at Google? Absolute indifference. My prediction is that my sites, as well as my clients' sites, will remain steady or even see their position ranking increase.  It has s always been a standard at AJIS.com to
make sure that the design, content, back-end HTML, incoming links, navigation and execution of a site all be in top working order for the user. I'm glad to see that Google is going back to basics of having a quality site in order to receive a coveted Google position.

So when is all of this touted to happen? According to Google Spokesperson, Matt Cutts, one database is already showing Google Caffeine, and the full blown version will be released after the holidays. The reasoning behind this is that Google doesn't want to upset webmasters and site owners during the lucrative holiday buying season. How considerate of them.

Let's revisit Matt Cutts' statement that one database is already showing Google Caffeine. Since I've seen a considerable change in SERPs for 'new jersey internet marketing' I'm led to believe it may be sitting on that database. AJIS.com has had a steady invisible ranking on page 3 with that keyword phrase for the past several years. Last week it jumped to #3 on page 1 where it has remained every day (believe me, I check!) 

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