Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Social Media & SEO - From the Lawyers Perspective

Although I'm not a lawyer, I believe that working with Law Firms for 20+ years in internet marketing does qualify me to give this perspective :) Social Media has recently exploded onto the internet marketing scene in a BIG way as a force to be reckoned with if you want to remain inside the Loop in the upcoming years. But you must first come up with a plan, then start slowly by interacting online.

Is your goal to appear higher in search engine results; showcase a particular area of expertise; or interact with other attorneys in the same practice area? Your answers should certainly direct your overall social media strategy.

  1.  If you want to appear higher in search engines results then you MUST embrace social media. We have proof that Google and Bing both love displaying results from highly refreshed Social sites like FaceBook and Twitter. See our past blogs on this -- FaceBook Results, Bing/Twitter Results.
    Also, just by having profiles at Social Media sites gives you plenty of incoming link opportunities for your Site, thus boosting your Search engine rankings. A total win/win.

  2. If part of your strategy is to interact with other attorneys or showcase your expertise, then LinkedIn is also a must. Besides giving you the opportunity to produce a Profile and receive reviews, you have the ability to join or even form Groups. Find Groups where you can interact with other like-minded attorneys or Groups that are a specific Target audience for your practice. What better way to grow relationships and put your expert comments before targeted prospective clients?
Learn about social media, figure out how it works and how it can best work for you. Then, implement a social media strategy that promotes your goals. Need help making Social Media part of your online marketing strategy? Just drop us a line -- SEO internet marketing is what we've been doing for lawyers since 1996.