Saturday, January 22, 2011

Law Firm SEO and Testimonials

I usually suggest that our clients consider using customer testimonials on their website. Business people across all industries agree that a word-of-mouth recommendation is the best business builder. People like doing business with companies that their friends recommend or colleagues. You trust your friends to know your tastes and preferences and to not lead you astray.

There are several ways you can take advantage of the tried and true customer testimonial by incorporating them  into your website, social media postings and even YouTube videos.

  • Of course the easiest way to get testimonials are the ones which are given freely by clients via an email or hand-written card. However, it is very acceptable nowadays to solicit a testimonial from a satisfied client. 
  • Consider as a part of your trial completion process building in a Customer Satisfaction Survey which includes a space for comments. These comments often form great testimonials.
  • Let clients know you are comfortable with them giving you a testimonial from social media networks such as LinkedIn, or even FaceBook and Twitter. Ask that they include a link to your website.
  • With the advent of the affordable Flip Video Camcorder,  or Sony Bloggie, it's easy for anyone to capture client testimonials. Client video testimonials have proven to work very well for me, and the authenticity of the message is undeniable. These videos can be uploaded to your site or YouTube. But as always, lawyers must approach this with caution and use only when appropriate.
  •  Always be sure to tell clients how the testimonial will be used. I usually show clients the proposed usage of any testimonial before I publish it (especially if you've revised any misspellings or grammatical errors). Ask their permission if you'd like to use their name.
Testimonials can be as powerful as an advertising campaign and certainly should be included in your arsenal of online marketing strategies.

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Friday, January 07, 2011

NJ Lawyers SEO - Mixing Words with Video for a Real Winner

WHY do we always make things harder than they have to be.
Take marketing for instance. Marketing is pretty simple when you get right down to it -- discover the emotional value in what you sell and present it in a memorable manner that makes you different from the competition. This simple marketing strategy also works for Video marketing -- deliver a memorable message highlighting the emotional value of your brand.

For those of you who read our marketing tips, you know by now that we always revert back to simplicity. Don't over-think, over-design or scream at the search engines to notice you. If you're doing exactly what it is that you say you do best, they will notice and reward you.

About a month ago I saw a commercial about a Truck that stuck in my head because of its memorable -- and simple -- delivery. As I watched the truck get down and dirty while it drove across tough terrain and towed its haul, I was intrigued on how the words the commentator was speaking actually showed up on the screen as well. They made sure that if the audible words didn't sink in -- the visual ones would -- genius!
Take a look:

The simpler, most basic -- and the most MEMORABLE -- way is always best. At we always keep our video strategies simple and memorable. That's all that is needed to boost our SEO efforts which send you straight to the top of the search engines and keep you there.

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